PROOF™ does not determine if you are safe to drive. In fact, we believe that you should never drink and drive. Period.

How does it work?

Science! When you have an alcoholic drink, the ethanol in that drink goes from your stomach into your bloodstream. Some of it you breathe out, and some diffuses naturally through your skin. Our patent-pending electrochemical cartridge converts these trace amounts of ethanol into an electrical current that is amplified, digitized, and sent to a smartphone. While there is a delay between the time when molecules are present in the blood and when they are detectable through the skin, our technology can provide continuous, discrete, non-invasive transdermal data, and doesn’t require you to blow into it.

Milo Sensors' technology received national recognition from the National Institutes of Health, winning both the $100,000 “Wearable Alcohol Biosensor” Challenge Prize and receiving a $223,000 Small Business Innovation Research Grant.

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